Writing Diary #8

diary for blog postThe Trouble with Scarecrows (book 2 Trouble with Men Series): I finally turned in edits for this book a couple of weeks ago. I believe I still have another round since I made huge changes on the last one. I also received my cover proof and am very excited to share it as soon as I get the final image. I have a new eBook publication date of April 2015.  Read more about the Trouble with Men Series Here.

YA Fairy Tale inspired novel: Right now this is my main writing focus – It has been my backburner story for years, but now it is the one I want to work on. If you’re the creative type, you’ll understand the pull that some projects have over others. As of today, I have 39000 words – and even though the rough draft is finished, I hope the word-count will go up as I go through it this round. I’m on page 95 of 150, which I guess you could call my 2nd draft.

Book 3 of the Trouble with Men Series: The plan right now is – As soon as I finish the YA book, I will open it back up. But you know how plans go. Back in June (Writing Diary #1) I had planned on working on both this one and the YA novel at the same time …

Love and Laugher,


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  1. Loretta

    Oh yes, I completely understand about the call of one story over another. Sometimes I’m tempted away because there is no reprieve from the yelling going on at the side 🙂 Thank God, when this happens, usually it’s to write a short story or novella, so I can return to the one which is waiting, not so patiently, on the side 🙂 Your series of those “men” is excellent, so I’m sure they’ll all be in the spotlight soon! 🙂 Lo

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    • lol right – the YA one had to wait on two books before I got back to it, so I guess it’s only fair that I give it some attention. And thank you very much!! 🙂



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