Potion on Kindle Vella

Episodes of Potion are now available on Kindle Vella. Below is a schedule for upcoming episodes. Episodes 1-3 are FREE. I will be updating the schedule often.

Hansel and Gretel survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Episode #TitlePublish Date
1Eight Sprigs of ThymeLive
2One Large Taro LeafLive
3A Scoop of Cinders from Burnt Palm LeavesLive
4Eight Years Ago (1)Live
5One Teaspoon Frankincense TearsLive
6¼ cup Boiling LavaLive
7A Sprinkle of Fairy DustWeek of July 19
8One Hundred Feline WhiskersWeek of July 19
9Eight Years Ago (2)Week of July 19
10One Twenty-five-foot Strand of Golden HairWeek of July 19
11Two Pints RainwaterWeek of July 26
12Queen of the Meadow RootWeek of July 26
13Eight Years Ago (3)Week of July 26
14Three Strands of Black Poodle HairWeek of Aug 2
15A Handful of Fresh Ground Coffee BeansWeek of Aug 2
16A Siren’s LuteWeek of Aug 2
17Eight Years Ago (4)Week of Aug 9
18One Golden Goose EggWeek of Aug 9
1930 Grains Dried Rattlesnake RootWeek of Aug 9
20One Spool of Golden Thread Spun from Straw
21Eight Years Ago (5)
22One Well-Fed Venus Fly Trap
23A Swatch of Invisible Fabric

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