Rough Draft Diary Entry #2

June 8 – June 14

As you see below, I kind of favored one book over the other last week.

Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 807

Hopefully, I’ll get back to it sometime this week, but I have a final scene in the other book that I have to finish.

YA Fairy Tale Inspired – words written: 6,366

I’m on the final scene and hope to finish today or tomorrow – I ended up with a good word count even though I did a lot of cutting and starting over. At one point I cut 1800 words – yikes. So I’m at the end of this one – and yes it looks like the rough draft will be about 36000 words. But of course this is just the rough draft so it’s not final – So I don’t want to stop and work on the other just yet.

Love and Laughter,




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