Blogging at Soul Mate Publishing About Building a Novel

Click on over to Soul Mate Publishing and check out my post about how to write a novel using, what I call, The Building method.  This technique builds inspiration upon inspiration, like a house, from the ground up.

 Below is the example of how I used the technique for one of my young adult novels, Silverweed: A supernatural fairy tale.

 Foundation: Little Red Riding Hood/werewolves/superstitions

Framing: Silverweed Muffins: Short Story

Exterior: I did something both fun and challenging for the outline. I condensed the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood down to 20 sentences. These 20 sentences became my chapter titles. So when I began to write, these were also my inspiration for the story. Below are the first ten chapter titles:

Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time

Chapter 2: There Was A Dear Little Girl

Chapter 3: Take These Goodies To Your Grandmother

Chapter 4: I Will Be Careful

Chapter 5: Half A League From The Village

Chapter 6: “Good Day,” Said The Wolf

Chapter 7: I Must Act Craftily So I Can Catch Both

Chapter 8: Little Red Drifted From The Path

Chapter 9: The Wolf Knocked At The Door

Chapter 10: He Devoured Her


Interior and Final Walkthrough : Silverweed a Supernatural Fairy Tale

Love and Laughter,


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