About Dorlana

Hi – welcome to my page. I write contemporary novels for teens and adults. My inspirations are fairy tales, the supernatural, and classic romantic comedies. I’m a huge fan of combining classic fairy tales with paranormal elements and then dropping it all in a contemporary setting.

potionbydorlanavann1My latest supernatural fairy tale, Potion, was inspired by Hansel and Gretel. I decided to try something new in January 2019 and have posted the YA witchy tale to the social media reader’s choice platform Swoon Reads. 

Read the synopsis and more info about Swoon here.

Two of my romantic comedies were published by Soul Mate Publishing in 2015 & 2016:
The Trouble with Snowmen
The Trouble with Scarecrows

The first book I self-published was back in 2010. Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale  (revised in 2018), and I have added four more since then:
Jaclyn’s Ghost 2011 (revised in 2017) – Ghosts, Mystery, and Fashion
The Princes of Tangleforest 2011 – fairy tale inspired
Passage to Queen Mesentia 2011
Supernatural Fairy Tales 2011 (A collection of fairy tale inspired paranormal short stories – currently under revisions and new stories coming soon!)


back pew 2017

I am a born-and-raised Texan who lives outside of Houston with my husband and teen-aged son. I also have two married daughters and a grandson. When I’m not writing, I enjoy cooking, watching reality TV, hanging out with said family, playing TX hold’em, and drinking on patios.

I’m most active on Instagram ( info on sidebar) and like to post pictures of my outings in and around Houston, food & drinks, and book stuff of course.

2017 bbq cook offIf you would like review copies, would like to be a beta-reader, or if you just have a question or comment, I welcomes emails (dorlanasfairytales at gmail dot com) and will get back to you.

Love and Laughter,
Dorlana 🙂





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  1. I was searching for other speculative blogs with a fairy tale focus and I’m happy that I stumbled across yours! There aren’t enough romantic/comedy paranormal books out there, which is a pity, because the paranormal genre is ripe for humor. I’ll have a closer look around–I love reading and promoting books!


  2. Hi Janeen,
    I agree about the romantic/comedy paranormal books – Not only do I like to write them, I like to read them, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. 🙂


  3. Great blog!… Just dropping by to tell you that I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award (Pencils Version)~You can check it out at the end of this post: http://wp.me/p60vo-4gy
    Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Aquileana – Thanks for the nomination and for stopping by!



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