One Golden Slipper has been added to the Potion

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I now have 23 episodes of Potion ready to read. The latest one, One Golden Slipper. Here is what the story is all about:

A witchy fairy tale reimagined – Lucas and Melrose survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Below is a snippet of episode 1: Eight Sprigs of Time. Each episode has something to do with the title (potion ingredient). So it was a fun challenge choosing the best fit for each episode. Hopefully, as you read the story, you’ll be able to see the relationship.

The first 3 episodes are Free and all of them are pretty short and fast. (Episode 23 is 700 words) All you need is an Amazon account and your can read right on your phone or desktop.

Click here to read episode one now

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Short Story inspired by Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.

If you feed a wolf by Dorlana Vann – Short story Inspired by Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Nora ran, dodging trees and paying no mind to the twigs that scraped her bare arms and legs from shoulder to thigh. Once in a while, the high afternoon sun shone through the density of the woods, and she knew she had better hurry.

When she reached the beach, she admired all her sisters who had gathered for the festivities. The continuous breeze carried the ocean’s scent as it waved through her long, bright hair. She felt powerful and had no doubt that she would be the victor.

“Gather around,” said Mother Mabel. Even without her ceremonial robes she stood with confidence, stripped down to her breast and bottom coverings. She was the oldest and wisest in their community, beautiful and flawless. “It’s time for the first race.”

Considering her competition’s bronzed, muscular legs and stomach, Nora found her to be an equal opponent. She couldn’t recall her name, only that they had known each other for a very long time. Nora smiled, and the woman smiled back, but with more self-assuredness—like it was clear she’d leave Nora in the dust.

“Go!” shouted Mother Mabel.

Nora took off. Her legs were strong and her mind clear. She wanted to win, although she didn’t want the race to end. Her sisters raised their red-ribbon-tied spears and cheered. The further Nora ran, the thicker the sand gathered on her feet, but it didn’t stop her from crossing the finish line first. She took small, effortless breaths as she glanced behind her, but her opponent wasn’t there.

Where did she go? What did she look like? She wondered this as her sisters picked her up on their shoulders and paraded her around.

The moon, blazing orange, seemed to take the sun’s place in an instant. Everyone had gathered for the feast, eager and hungry for it to begin. The fire felt hot against Nora’s face and hands. She wasn’t hungry, but she couldn’t wait for the food. A bird with antlers flew down beside her and pecked the ground and then flew away again.

She watched as a wolf walked out of the forest. He stopped and then began to spin, around and around, in circles. No one else seemed to notice him until he sat down beside the fire. He was hungry. Mother Mabel threw him a crumb and told him to leave. He growled out of the side of his mouth but ran back into the woods.

“Nora,” Mother Mabel said, the fire’s light dancing on her face. “If you feed a wolf, it will leave.” She took a puff from her brass pipe and passed it to the sister sitting next to her.

A storm started brewing, and the wind blew sand over the fire. All was black, except for the light of the pipe, and it seemed to float to Nora. She took it in her hands but hesitated until she heard Mother Mabel say, “I will come with you on your journey. I will always be with you.”

Nora put her lips to the cold pipe and inhaled, feeling the sweet smoke invade her mouth and then her lungs, heavily gratifying.

When awoken by a sudden light and an uneasy rustling, she couldn’t recall ever going to sleep. She was afraid to look, but curiosity forced her eyes to fly open. Where am I? Like lyrics to a forgotten song, but without the sweet melody, she vaguely recognized the room. She couldn’t breathe; the four white walls were stifling. Other people were there, but she didn’t know them.

What did Mother Mabel say to me? “Something about a journey,” Nora whispered.

“Nora? Nora?” asked a lady with silver, stringy hair, wrinkles, and sunken cheeks. “Can you see me? Can you hear me?”

Nora nodded.

The old lady sucked in her breath and put her hand over her mouth. “It’s me … Mabel. Mabel.”

Nora shook her head because the woman didn’t look like Mother Mabel. But there was a resemblance. A similarity. The green eyes, the way she opened her mouth when she smiled. I will come with you on your journey. “But why do you look so old?”

The lady laughed. “Why indeed.”

“What kind of journey is this?” Nora whispered. She tried to stand, but her legs held no strength, and she fell to the hard, cold floor.

“Oh no, are you hurt?” Mabel said, trying to help her, but Nora refused, thinking she didn’t need help.

Nora sat on the floor, legs in front of her, staring at unkempt yellowing toenails that stuck out of dirty, pink slippers. She pulled up the gown she wore, revealing pale, thin legs. “What happened to me? Why am I here?”

“I’m so glad you can talk.” It took her a couple of seconds, but Mabel got down on the floor and sat cross-legged like a little girl. “You are talking, aren’t you?”

“Is there a reason? Is this a lesson? Does this have to do with the wolf?”

Mabel’s eyes widened and in a raspy whisper she said, “Wolf? What wolf?”

“It was by the fire, and you told me to feed it.”

Mabel inhaled, and her hands jittered about wildly. “Right. I told you about the wolf. You did hear me. You could hear me the whole time. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“About what?” Nora asked.

“Right.” Mabel bit her nails.

“Oh, Miss Nora,” a man wearing white from head to toe stood over them. “Am I in trouble!” Without asking, he helped her up and back into her seat. “Here.” He handed her a small container. “I got distracted on my rounds and plum missed you. Woo wee, we wouldn’t want this to get out.”

“No,” Mabel said struggling to untangle her legs. “No, she can’t have those.”

“Miss Mabel, causing trouble again, I see. You know what happened last time Miss Nora was off her meds for too long. She bit you. Remember?”

“It’s fine. I’m fine.”

The man held his hand out, now helping Mabel stand up.

“See,” Mabel said as she stood. “I’m fine. Don’t you see? Nora told me about the wolf. She heard my stories …”

He looked back at Nora and nodded. “Take them, Miss Nora, and you’ll feel a lot better. You’ll go right back to la la land.”

Mabel wiped her eyes. “But the fairy tales, she remembers. And I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

Nora looked at the two little pills in the bottom of the small clear cup.

“No, Nora,” Mabel pleaded. “Stay with me. Stay with me, please.”

Nora couldn’t see the value of her journey. She didn’t know why she had come to the colorless place where she had to be so weak and helpless and where her thoughts were foggy. “If you feed a wolf, it will leave.” As she looked down at the little white pills, the message the real Mother Mabel had given her became clear. In this strange place, she was the wolf. If she wanted to go back to be with her sisters and never leave the beach, she would have to feed the wolf the little white pills.

The End

If you Feed a Wolf, inspired by Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll, United Kingdom: 1865, is one of the short stories from my collection: supernatural fairy tales. Available here!

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Elemental Witches Inspired Poem

This poem was included in my original manuscript for Potion. However, since I decided to serialized my story on Amazon’s Kindle Vella, it got cut. In the manuscript the poem didn’t need a title but I feel like I do now. But I haven’t been able to come up with a title I like. Since it was inspired by elemental witches, I thought about naming it that, however, taking out of context, it doesn’t really work. I also thought about Elements or I Am but those seemed boring. I also thought abut using a line from the poem, but none described the entire poem. Now that I’m relooking at it, maybe Same as You Breathe? Hmmm. What do you think about that. Or any other suggestions?

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


Water will soar through my veins until I die.

Raindrops my solace and thunderstorms my light.

Born without wings but with the desire to fly.

Breezes kiss my dewy eyes saying good night.

Dirty fingers I adore, indoors I cry.

My heart is like foliage, lush and green and bright.

The same as you breathe, fire lives inside of me.

Embers, my soul, burn for eternity.

20 Episodes of Potion have been uploaded to my serialized Kindle Vella Story, read the first three for free!

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Potion by Dorlana Vann

Witches Be Bitches. One Spool of Golden Thread Spun from Straw has been added to the Potion.

Witches be Bitches – in my new serialized story, Potion. This fairy tale inspired, urban fantasy is only available on Kindle Vella. 20 episodes are now available (the first 3 are free). Clicky right here to Read POTION Now

Lucas and Melrose survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


Poem: True Monster

Hi Friends,

True Monster is from Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale , Little Red Riding hood inspired werewolf novel, and is the overall theme.

Werewolves and vampires, but another chilling beast

is our fear. It manipulates our common sense

and fuels our phobias with a scrumptious feast.

It can change like the wind or with the moon’s phases.

Don’t be fooled, because it’s hard to recognize,

looking it’s best in a clever, subtle disguise.

Be warned, for it attacks even the most secure,

shifting scared victims into the true monster.

Fairy Tale Inspired Mini Mind-Reading Romance. Shhhh

Before climbing aboard the Nightingale, a 60-foot yacht, Jake listened for a second to make sure its owner, Richard King, slept. From the cockpit, Jake climbed the stairs to the upper aft deck, and with little effort, he opened the glass door to the enclosed bridge. He had been tailing the millionaire for months and knew this was the necklace’s location.

Jake had never talked to Mr. King but had heard his thoughts about purchasing the diamond and blood-red ruby necklace for his wife. Jake had followed him to restaurants, golf courses, and parties, patiently waiting until King’s mind revealed all the details, down to the code on the safe.

He pulled the ski-mask off before punching in the numbers. Opening the safe without incident, he reached in and brought out his prize. He didn’t stop to examine it—plenty of time for that later—but stuck it in his pocket, ready for his quick exit. He stopped again to listen and to make sure all was clear.

“Now that wasn’t very nice,” a female voice said.  

Startled to a slight stumble, he twisted around to see who had caught him. The silhouette of a woman sitting at a small table, her arms and long legs crossed, came into focus.

Why didn’t I hear her?

Her voice moved gently: “That’s my necklace.”

Shit. Mrs. King. “This isn’t what it looks like,” he said, buying some time as he weighed his options; running seemed a very good choice at the moment. She might scream, but he already had the loot in his pocket. By the time Mr. King got his wits about him, he would be long gone.

Her thoughts finally sounded in his head: I wish he were here to pinch more than that ruby.

Well, there it was. It wouldn’t be the first time to use his pretty-boy looks to get out of a situation.

But when she stood up—the moonlight shining full-force on her smart face—he doubted she was the type of woman who could easily be swayed by his devilish charms. She reminded him of an elegant movie star from the 1940s like Ingrid Bergman or Lauren Bacall.

She languidly walked over to him, her heels softly echoing on the wood floor. “May I have my necklace back?” She extended her hand gracefully.

He took a step back, knowing he needed to take control of the moment and his nerves before she got the best of him. In the darkness, the burglar and the wealthy woman stared at each other for a mere second before Jake grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. Unexpected fire exploded between them, and he pulled her closer until he embraced her fully. He could feel her hands on his waist, moving slowly down the front of his pants until—

Jake gently pushed her away and had to smile, but he didn’t let go of her arm. He brought her hand up, revealing the necklace.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

He licked his lips tasting the memory of her kiss, her thoughts letting him know she wished she could taste all of him.

“The Country Club tomorrow night,” he said as he snatched the necklace. He gave her a slight nod and left before he couldn’t pull himself away.  

Two Weeks Later

Like some bad movie cliché, he found the note she had left on her pillow:

Dear Jake,

I’m afraid my husband has decided to leave this morning. I couldn’t bear to tell you. Please forgive me. In another lifetime perhaps.



Jake crumbled up the letter wondering how in the hell he’d missed it. Maybe she just pushed it out of her mind because it was too painful.

Love Jezze, she had written.

“Shit,” he said. “I do love Jezze.” He suddenly found himself playing what if: What if I would have told her I loved her? Would she have stayed? Would she leave her rich husband for a crook? Would she come back with me now if I caught the yacht before it hit open water? What if I told her I love her?

Regret swept over him as he put on his pants because he had known for a week that she had feelings for him, yet he had said nothing because Mrs. King was just another stolen treasure. At least that was what he had told himself before that morning. Now the only thing he wanted was to get her back.

His Jag hit the highway at sixty-five miles an hour, the windows down, and the air thick with morning. Their hotel/love nest was only a few miles away from the bay, but he couldn’t be sure what time she had left his bed. They had fallen asleep a little after midnight. He looked down to see the time, realizing his watch wasn’t in its usual place on his wrist. Must have left it on the nightstand.

As Jake jumped out of the car, he knew he had no idea what he would do if King tried to stop him. He listened as he ran, listened to see if he heard Jezze saying, I’ll miss him so much!

Jake ran up the steps that lead to the ramp and then to the spot where the yacht had been docked. When he realized he was too late, that The Nightingale was gone, he cursed himself and stomped the pier. Searching his mind for conversations and memories of Jezze’s reflections, he plopped down on the steps. Did she say where she lived?

Soon, he decided to leave, promising himself that he would not rest until he found her. He would rummage minds for the slight mention of Mrs. Jezze King. As he stood, someone else’s thoughts blurted inside his head. At first, he tried to ignore them, not wanting to listen to another person’s problems. But then, he heard something he just couldn’t ignore.


Jezze sat at her vanity brushing her hair as she admired her newly acquired necklace. She sighed. It entranced her as it sparkled in the glistening sun that streamed in through the porthole. Knowing how difficult it would be to part with, it certainly hadn’t been easy to obtain, she had considered keeping it.

She wiped new tears from her swollen eyes. No, the necklace would only remind her of him. Her buyer had already offered a beautiful price, so she would go on as planned. Maybe she would set sail after the transaction and take a much-needed vacation.

She had lived on her yacht for over a year, loving the open water, the smell of the sea and the freedom to travel whenever she became restless.

If Richard King had not docked his yacht in the same water as hers, her life would be so less complicated. No, if she had just let Jake take the damn necklace instead of trying to seduce it from him, her life would be so less complicated. She could have easily found him later. And why had she gone back on her promise to herself? She didn’t have to go home with him from The Country Club; she’d already heard where she could retrieve the necklace.

She doubted Jake knew others like him existed, mind-readers who had superior control over their gift. Years ago, she trained herself to listen frequently and to change and/or stop her own thoughts when necessary. 

She had been getting ready to go home that night when she heard him. Mistaking her for Mrs. King had just been a crazy break; there was a real Mrs. King, somewhere, but it wasn’t her. It had been kind of fun pretending to be the adulteress, instead of the other woman.

Jezze unlatched the necklace from around her neck and put it back in its black box. Stop crying Jezze. This is just how it must be. She never meant to fall in love with Jake for real. Over the past two weeks she had searched for signs of mutual admiration but found nothing. 

“I think you have something that belongs to me.”

Jezze held her breath and swung her attention to the familiar voice.

Richard King stood at her door.

She’d been too distraught to keep a clear head and hadn’t heard him approaching. “Sweetheart, I thought you left.” She stood up cautiously because she could certainly read his mind now.

Mr. King was a fairly tall man, but the way he stood there, his chest heaving in and out and his teeth clenched, he appeared monstrous as he shouted, “Did I not treat you well? Did I not give you enough money for your services? You were good, but not fifty-thousand dollars good.”

She put her hair behind her ears, feeling the tremor of her hands. “Why are you so upset, handsome? What happened?”

“Don’t play games with me. Give back my necklace, and I’ll be on my way. I don’t want the publicity for being with a woman like you any more than you want jail time.”

“I wasn’t the one who stole your necklace. Leave before I call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing.”

“You bitch!” He raced toward her.

Before Jezze knew what had happened, she was staring up at the ceiling, King’s handprint-sting across her face. He stood over her and drew back his fist.

She tightened her body for the blow.

But Richard King went flying across the room and landed on her vanity with a crash.

She sat up, tears blurring her view.

Was that Jake standing over Richard, daring him to move?

They all noticed the necklace at the same time, out of the box and on the floor.

“Don’t even think about it,” Jake told King. “By the looks of you, I don’t think fifty grand is payment enough.”

King sat up, still eyeing his necklace.

Jake continued, “Just collect your insurance, lick your wounded ego, and you’ll be fine. Now get the hell out of here.”

Jezze chose to ignore King’s thoughts of justice and revenge as he walked out the door. She also decided not to focus on what Jake must have believed about her. “Thank you,” she said to him, unable to look him in the eyes. “How did you know where to find me?”

“After I found the Dear John, I came searching for you. I heard King coming after you, and then I heard you thinking. I heard everything … I know everything.”

“Just take the necklace; I don’t want it.”

“I’d rather have you,” he said. “The only thing I heard that matters to me is that you love me.”

She found his sincere stare and listened to the thoughts he fed her. That’s why I was looking for you. To tell you that I love you.

She smiled and jumped into his arms, giving him tiny kisses all over his face until their lips met. After a silent conversation, they separated and began removing their clothes.

“Hey,” Jake said, looking on the floor at the mess from the vanity. “Is that my watch?”

The End

Quiet on the Nightingale was inspired by Brothers Grimm’s Jorinde and Joringel from Children’s and Household Tales. Germany: 1812 it is one of the stories in the collection: Supernatural Fairy Tales by Dorlana Vann

Potion – What’s it all about?

I now have 15 episodes live on Kindle Vella (Amazon’s newest platform) of my serialized novel, Potion, with 2 more being uploaded by the end of the week.

Authors are given a tiny space of 500 characters (which my blurb ended up being 76 words) to describe their story. Here is what that looks like:

“Hansel and Gretel survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.”

So, I thought I would give a longer, back-of-a-book, description of Potion here so you can get a better sense of what it is all about. (BTW – none of my stories should be taken too seriously. I try to make them fun, sometimes quirky, fairy tale whimsy but in a contemporary setting.)


Eight years ago, the wicked witch held Hansel Lucas Jaeger and his sister, Melrose, captive. They barely escaped with their lives. Now, with high school, a garage band, and a part time job, Lucas finally feels normal.

But everything changes when Lucas sees his awkward, loner sister, hanging out with Star, one of the hot and hated popular girls known as The Bitches. At first, he’s just confused, but when he sees the tarot cards between them, he’s reminded of the curse the witch cast on Melrose.

His fears escalate when Star warns him about two witches from school who plan on using his sister for a ritual. Lucas wants to trust Star; he needs someone to confide in since Melrose thinks his fear of witchcraft is irrational. But Star is unpredictable and has toyed with his emotions before.

As Lucas searches for answers, more mysteries begin to unravel about Melrose’s childhood, Star’s motives, and his own family legacy. Lucas will have to make life and death decisions; but whom can he trust, and how do you rescue someone who doesn’t want to be saved?


You can read the first three episodes for Free right now. And if you like them, a thumbs-up at the end would be greatly appreciated.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy tales,

Dorlana 🙂

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