Writing Diary Entry #5

Well, I don’t feel like it has been a very productive week …

June 29 – July 5

Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 3253

I struggled pretty much the entire week. Since I really don’t know anything about the end of my book yet, it’s trial and error. This week had me wondering “How do I get through these rough drafts?” But from past experiences, I know I will eventually get to The End. Yesterday, was my turn to blog at Soul Mate Publishing’s Blog, so I used it as an opportunity to remind myself of the writing weapons I have to fight and win. En garde rough draft!!

YA Fairy Tale Inspired – time spent: 0 hours

Sorry backburner story … maybe this is your week. (Shhh – probably not)

The Trouble with Scarecrows (book 2 Trouble with Men series) Time spent: around 4 hours

I’ve made it through the entire manuscript and fixed all the easy changes my editor pointed out, so now I’m looking over the notes that were sent for some bigger issues, plus my own notes.

Love and Laughter,


Read more about Trouble with Men series here!

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