The Trouble with Scarecrows

The Trouble with Scarecrows _3 Final (large) copyThe Trouble with Scarecrows is the second book in my Trouble with Men Series. It is available now in eBook and paperback. I am really pleased and feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this story; we’ve been through a lot. This manuscript took more time to write than any other.

I find second books in series interesting because without the first book they would not have existed. And even though this book is its own story, that is still true. My protagonist, Brenda, was my antagonist in The Trouble with Snowmen. So I first went into this story thinking I was going to create this huge spectacular Scrooge character arc. But after my critique partners read the first draft, I soon realized that had been a horrible idea. One person hated Brenda with a passion lol, and that doesn’t quiet work as far as heroines in love stories go.

After years of really getting to know Brenda, I hope she comes across the page as dynamic as I imagine her. And she’s paired with an equally energetic and passionate guy. The story has new dating terms and concepts, outrageous shenanigans, a touch of magical realism, twists and turns, broken hearts, seduction, food, and of course romance. The blurb is below and you can read chapter 1 here.





The Trouble with Scarecrows

by Dorlana Vann

A scarecrow is the opposite of a wingman, a dating decoy used to scare away any “crows” who are giving unwanted attention, making it difficult for the right man to have a clear shot.

Thirty-year-old Brenda Fisher believes the best way to get over her ex is to face her past and find a new guy. She knows the type of man she needs in her life … and the type of man she does not, which includes alpha males like Neal Parker.

Neal Parker’s friend and former boss, Larry White, had been gracious enough to let him stay at his old apartment rent free while Neal pursues his culinary degree. But now the owner of the multiplex–Larry’s high-strung ex-girlfriend, Brenda Fisher–is threatening to sell it out from underneath him. Brenda is possibly the sexiest woman Neal has ever met. Nevertheless, he’s aware of her past destructive relationship with Larry and knows it’s best to stay clear.

When Neal finds out Brenda might be in need of some help in the romance department, he tries to trick her into an exchange: scarecrow services for the apartment. Brenda does not appreciate being manipulated. She ups the stakes, and if Neal wants the future he’d planned, he’ll have to play by her rules.

Click here for more information about the series

Click here for more information about book one: The Trouble with Snowmen – now available in eBook.


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