Supernatural Fairy Tales – Tenth Anniversary (Free for a limited time)

Supernatural Fairy Tales

The first time I self-published Supernatural Fairy Tales, the eBook contained nine of my fairy tale inspired paranormal short stories. That was back in 2011, and the original cover is on the left. <–

Most of these early stories were from my former blog where I would randomly pick a fairy tale and a supernatural element at the beginning of the month and then have a short story complete by the end of the month.

My formula: Fairy Tale + Paranormal Element = Supernatural fairy tale

e.g. Beauty and the Beast + Zombies = There’s No Cure for Dead

And then by 2019, I had accumulated more short stories that I had written and published in online magazines and newsletters, etc. I decided that I wanted them all together in a neat little compilation for myself. So, I revised/edited the stories in Supernatural Fairy Tales and added more stories and poems, designed a new cover, and also self-published these stories in paperback for the first time.

Here is the blurb for the newest version:

Welcome to the world of Supernatural Fairy Tales. There are 18 paranormal short stories inspired by classic fairy tales including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina, and more. Inside you will find: a warlock’s indecent proposal, vengeful ghosts, pill-popping wolves, merfolk (Are they just misunderstood?), trees in love, cowboys and dwarfs, mind reading thieves, a bratty princess, wicked grannies, a vampire strolling about town doing lunch, fairy dust, werewolves tamed by muffins, luck for sale, and a morbidly romantic zombie tale. Fair Warning: They don’t always have a happy ending. Also included: 13 fairy tale inspired poems. “They are full of clever twists and some are just down right freaky and creepy, which is a good thing.”

Over the years, I have posted a lot of these short stories here on my blog. They get lost in shuffle, so I have a new sidebar à list of my stories. –>If you would prefer them in a neat little compilation, these stories, plus more, are also available in paperback and eBook. (Free for Kindle Unlimited users.)

To celebrate the books tenth’s anniversary, the kindle eBook version will be Free on Amazon August 17 – 19 2021. Get your free Copy Here.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


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