More Ingredients Have Been Added to the Potion

Hi friends,

I have added two more ingredients to my Potion, bwa ha ha:

1 Twenty-five-foot Strand of Golden Hair


2 Pints Rainwater

Well that is, I have uploaded two more episodes to my serialized story, Potion on Kindle Vella. Potion is a contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, with some magic and witchy fun.

Below are the first 11 ingredients (episodes), and I will be dropping some Queen of the Meadow Root into the cauldron tomorrow.

What kind of potion am I making? Well, you’ll have to read the story find to out. 🙂 Read it Here!

BTW – The first 3 episodes are Free and you can actually get 200 tokens from Amazon right now for free. As an Example: Episode 4 cost 6 tokens and Episode 5 cost 14 tokens. So you could actually read a lot (of any stories on there) with 200 tokens.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


Episode #TitlePublish Date
1Eight Sprigs of ThymeLive
2One Large Taro LeafLive
3A Scoop of Cinders from Burnt Palm LeavesLive
4Eight Years Ago (1)Live
5One Teaspoon Frankincense TearsLive
6¼ cup Boiling LavaLive
7A Sprinkle of Fairy Dustlive
8One Hundred Feline Whiskerslive
9Eight Years Ago (2)live
10One Twenty-five-foot Strand of Golden Hairlive
11Two Pints Rainwaterlive
12Queen of the Meadow RootAug 1 , 2021
13Eight Years Ago (3)Aug 2, 2021
14Three Strands of Black Poodle HairWeek of Aug 2
15A Handful of Fresh Ground Coffee BeansWeek of Aug 2
16A Siren’s LuteWeek of Aug 9
17Eight Years Ago (4)Week of Aug 9
18One Golden Goose Egg
1930 Grains Dried Rattlesnake Root
20One Spool of Golden Thread Spun from Straw

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