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Fairy Tale Inspired Poem

Fairy’s Sorrow by Dorlana Vann I’m sheltered from the rainBut still I feel the mist.It mixes with my painConfirming I exist. I’m covered by the leavesLiving amongst the trees.The more I see and learnThe more the world I yearn. Fairy’s Sorrow was inspired by The Dryad by Hans Christian Anderson Denmark:1868 It is one of …

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The Kingdom of Pillars: a Fairy Tale

The Kingdom of Pillars A fairy tale by Dorlana Vann   “I didn’t do anything!” “Do you want father’s wings to be taken off? Is that what you want? You march yourself right back there.” I stared at my sister, all blue and getting bluer by the minute. If we would’ve had this conversation a …

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Zombies + Beauty & the Beast = There’s no Cure for Dead

  Short Story There’s No Cure for Dead by Dorlana Vann She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, loosening her jaw, before she spoke. “You can’t be serious. Marriage is no longer something we can consider.” He stood far away, at the other end of the long, formal dining room table. He …

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