Two Years of my Writing Journey

 It seems crazy but it’s been a little over two years since  I started this blog.  My first blog was aimed mostly towards using fairy tales as inspiration for stories, but when I started this blog I wanted it to be more about my adventures in writing as a whole – which doesn’t always include fairy tales.

Below are 16 posts sparked by the last two years of my writing journey – pretty much in descending order – during which time, I finished  my children’s book for my little boy and wrote two books of a three-book romance series. ( I hope to be able to officially introduce them soon.)

Love and Laughter,

Dorlana 🙂

Don’t Take Critiques at Face Value

How to Defeat Writers Block with Lies and Deceit

I forgot to “Save the Cat”

Keeping a Novel Diary

You Know You’re Addicted to Writing When …

Book 1 vs. Book 2: The Tortoise and the Hare

The Second Draft is Country Music

The Third Draft is an Empty Tube of Toothpaste

Concept, Characters, and Then Story. Oh …

When Did You Start Writing?

The Retelling of a Fairy Tale 


When One Door Closes

Character & Story Exercises

Frustration: a writers BFF

What’s in a (Characters) Name?

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