You know you are addicted to writing when …

Every time I turn around I read another article telling writers not to quit. Years ago, I realized I can’t quit. I’m addicted.  So to help others recognize the signs that they most likely have a writing problem, I have compiled a list. 🙂

You know you are addicted to writing when …


1)      It takes up all of your free time.

2)      You would rather write than do anything else.

3)      You neglect your housework and tell your kids, “Give Mommy just one more minute.”

4)      You lose sleep because you’re thinking about the next time you’ll be writing.

5)      You go to meetings with people who have the same problem.

6)      You’re thinking about the next draft even before you have finished the one you’re on.

7)      If you are unable to write, (because of illness or obligations) you get antsy.

8)      You blog, tweet, Facebook, talk, email, and dream about writing.

9)       Rejection makes you write more.

10)   Every day you tell yourself you should just quit … but you can’t.

So, do any of these sound familiar?

Love and Laughter,



  1. YES! Every last one. Writing is breathing. Just the physical act of putting thoughts into words is a wonderful experience. If I have to, I’ll settle for writing lesson plans for my job vs. having to grade papers. It’s a little like eating hard tack rather than chocolate cake, but it’s better than nothing.


  2. Hi Janeen,

    You’ve got it bad – lol. I like your, “writing is breathing.” So true for us writing addicts 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and happy writing.



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