You know you might be a reality show junkie when …

You know you might be a reality TV junkie when you realize that 9 out of the top 10 shows you record on TiVo are reality shows. (BTW – all of them are competitions – so maybe I’m just a competition junkie 🙂

Since the TIVo DVR can only record two shows at the same time (I think newer ones can record up to 4 shows) it lets you select importance by ranking. Below are my top 10 shows. As you can see, the numbers do not go exactly 1-10 because well, my husband has some shows he just has to record… (His number 1 is number 3 on TiVo – lol)

There are actually 57 shows that are set up to record ( I didn’t count to see how many of those are reality – and I’m not the only one in the household who records reality – but down the line, I do have some others favs that are not reality – General Hospital, Smash, 666 Park Avenue. And my son has a few of his shows set up to record, but I’m guessing it’s probably still at least 3/4 reality.

Here are my top 10:

1. America Idol: Not sure this is actually my #1 show anymore – I think I’m getting a little bored of it – I’ve watched it since the beginning. I think I missed one season.)

2. So You Think You Can Dance: Still love this show – it may be actually be my number 1.

4. Americas Next Top Model: Looking forward to this season with guy models being added.

6. Project Runway: I agree with my daughter who says it is getting where there is too much drama! But I still love love the runway show!

8. Once Upon a Time: I appreciate that we can watch this as a family. And of course it is inspired by fairy tales!

11. The Celebrity Apprentice: This interchanges with The Apprentice. I’m a big fan of Ivanka trump. She’s so elegant.

12. Master Chef:  I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay – However I’m glad he has a few shows – Man, I got tired of the yelling and drama on Hell’s Kitchen and tired of the formula on Kitchen Nightmares

14. Food Network Star: I’ll watch it again next year, but this year I wasn’t’ happy with the top 3 – they kicked off 2 of my favorites.

15. The Voice: After last season, I’m not sure if this will be staying on my top 10 … I like the blind auditions but then after that, I get bored.

16. Fashion Star: I love that you can actually buy the clothes designed on the show … although I haven’t bought any. By the time I even look at them, they are sold out.

Well, there you have it. My top ten TV shows. What about you? Are any of these in your top 10?

Love and Laughter,



  1. fuonlyknew

    I like to watch Survivor. I also watch a lot of the survival in the wild shows.


  2. That’s a really good competition – I watched the first couple of seasons. The survival in the wild shows can get a little gross at times – lol.


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