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Writing in Silence

As everyone is writing this month either for NaNoWriMo,  or like me, working on a work-in-progress, I’m curious as to if you must write in silence, listen to music, or need a noisy coffee shop in order to write. I’m a silent writer: no people, no television, no music. There are a couple of reasons …

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Writer Humor from The Carol Burnett Show

Sometimes when I’m writing/editing and changing a lot of things around, I imagine my characters getting disgusted at me and saying, “Make up your mind, woman!” It reminds my of the writer skits from “The Carol Burnett Show” like the one below. Funny Stuff.

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You know you might be a reality show junkie when …

You know you might be a reality TV junkie when you realize that 9 out of the top 10 shows you record on TiVo are reality shows. (BTW – all of them are competitions – so maybe I’m just a competition junkie 🙂 Since the TIVo DVR can only record two shows at the same …

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