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Rough Draft Diary Entry #2

June 8 – June 14 As you see below, I kind of favored one book over the other last week. Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 807 Hopefully, I’ll get back to it sometime this week, but I have a final scene in the other book that I have to finish. YA …

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My Characters Are Not Me

“Listen to what I said here,” I said to my husband and then read a sentence from my work-in-progress. After I had finished reading, I said, “Well, I didn’t say it, my character did.” Don said, “Wait. You wrote it. So doesn’t that mean that’s what you said?” “No, not really. My characters are not …

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The Third Draft is an Empty Tube of Toothpaste!

I finished the dreaded rough draft of my romantic comedy November 8th. I enjoyed writing the second draft, even going all poetic about it and blogging with sentences like, “I’m dancing with my characters or something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah … all free flowing toothpaste. When I finished the second draft on December 6th, …

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