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Rapunzel Inspired Paranormal Short Story

Poppi by Dorlana Vann The hillside mansion was huge, old, and cold and spotless. As soon as Riley stepped inside his childhood home, he felt uneasy. Even though he’d visited many times since he had lived there, it seemed different now, even more eerie than when Mother Gothel was alive. Lola, his ex-wife, walked in …

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Jack and the Beanstalk Inspired Poem

MRS. by Dorlana Vann Poverty breeds greed in a weak soul. I should have stomped the lad like a pest. Does hunger justify wickedness? He was just a boy, not a foul troll. But now sorrow arrived and grief grows. No one to cook for or to caress. Poverty breeds greed in a weak soul. …

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Cinderella Inspired Paranormal Short Story

Midnight by Dorlana Vann   “All black doesn’t suit you,” Dominick said. “I think you should choose softer more delicate colors.” “Delicate?” I said. “Seriously, do I look delicate?” He grinned like he had me all figured out. “Tuh … You are such an idiot.” When I spun to leave his presence, he grabbed hold …

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