Supernatural Fairy Tales – Tenth Anniversary (Free for a limited time)

Supernatural Fairy Tales

The first time I self-published Supernatural Fairy Tales, the eBook contained nine of my fairy tale inspired paranormal short stories. That was back in 2011, and the original cover is on the left. <–

Most of these early stories were from my former blog where I would randomly pick a fairy tale and a supernatural element at the beginning of the month and then have a short story complete by the end of the month.

My formula: Fairy Tale + Paranormal Element = Supernatural fairy tale

e.g. Beauty and the Beast + Zombies = There’s No Cure for Dead

And then by 2019, I had accumulated more short stories that I had written and published in online magazines and newsletters, etc. I decided that I wanted them all together in a neat little compilation for myself. So, I revised/edited the stories in Supernatural Fairy Tales and added more stories and poems, designed a new cover, and also self-published these stories in paperback for the first time.

Here is the blurb for the newest version:

Welcome to the world of Supernatural Fairy Tales. There are 18 paranormal short stories inspired by classic fairy tales including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina, and more. Inside you will find: a warlock’s indecent proposal, vengeful ghosts, pill-popping wolves, merfolk (Are they just misunderstood?), trees in love, cowboys and dwarfs, mind reading thieves, a bratty princess, wicked grannies, a vampire strolling about town doing lunch, fairy dust, werewolves tamed by muffins, luck for sale, and a morbidly romantic zombie tale. Fair Warning: They don’t always have a happy ending. Also included: 13 fairy tale inspired poems. “They are full of clever twists and some are just down right freaky and creepy, which is a good thing.”

Over the years, I have posted a lot of these short stories here on my blog. They get lost in shuffle, so I have a new sidebar à list of my stories. –>If you would prefer them in a neat little compilation, these stories, plus more, are also available in paperback and eBook. (Free for Kindle Unlimited users.)

To celebrate the books tenth’s anniversary, the kindle eBook version will be Free on Amazon August 17 – 19 2021. Get your free Copy Here.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


More Ingredients Have Been Added to the Potion

Hi friends,

I have added two more ingredients to my Potion, bwa ha ha:

1 Twenty-five-foot Strand of Golden Hair


2 Pints Rainwater

Well that is, I have uploaded two more episodes to my serialized story, Potion on Kindle Vella. Potion is a contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, with some magic and witchy fun.

Below are the first 11 ingredients (episodes), and I will be dropping some Queen of the Meadow Root into the cauldron tomorrow.

What kind of potion am I making? Well, you’ll have to read the story find to out. 🙂 Read it Here!

BTW – The first 3 episodes are Free and you can actually get 200 tokens from Amazon right now for free. As an Example: Episode 4 cost 6 tokens and Episode 5 cost 14 tokens. So you could actually read a lot (of any stories on there) with 200 tokens.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


Episode #TitlePublish Date
1Eight Sprigs of ThymeLive
2One Large Taro LeafLive
3A Scoop of Cinders from Burnt Palm LeavesLive
4Eight Years Ago (1)Live
5One Teaspoon Frankincense TearsLive
6¼ cup Boiling LavaLive
7A Sprinkle of Fairy Dustlive
8One Hundred Feline Whiskerslive
9Eight Years Ago (2)live
10One Twenty-five-foot Strand of Golden Hairlive
11Two Pints Rainwaterlive
12Queen of the Meadow RootAug 1 , 2021
13Eight Years Ago (3)Aug 2, 2021
14Three Strands of Black Poodle HairWeek of Aug 2
15A Handful of Fresh Ground Coffee BeansWeek of Aug 2
16A Siren’s LuteWeek of Aug 9
17Eight Years Ago (4)Week of Aug 9
18One Golden Goose Egg
1930 Grains Dried Rattlesnake Root
20One Spool of Golden Thread Spun from Straw

New Release! Potion exclusively available on Kindle Vella

Click here to read episodes of Potion now!

What exactly is a Kindle Vella Story? They are stories published one episode at a time (from 600 to 5,000 words). The first three episodes of every story are free. And then each additional episode you wish to read is unlocked by buying tokens. (They were giving away 200 tokens per guest) Readers also get to thumbs-up their favorite episode and each week they get a chance to “fave” their favorite story.

Six episodes of my fairy tale inspired story, Potion, are live. and I will be adding more each week. I’m not sure of my exact schedule yet but I do have a page set up here if you are interested in knowing upcoming episodes. There is also a feature on the story page where you can follow Potion and it will let you know when there is a new episode.

I think that’s it. I hope you will go check out my story. Here is what it’s all about:

Hansel and Gretel survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Hansel and Gretel Inspired Flash Fiction: Blueberry Eyes

Her long auburn hair kept slipping from its desired position of behind her to in her face and into her cooking pot. When she finally had enough of pushing the strands back, she left her concoction to go pull it up.

She frowned at the vague remembrance of herself as a little girl in ginger-red pigtails as she stared in the mirror. But soon she couldn’t recall what she had been thinking about and went back to her kitchen.

Bubbles and smoke billowed from the large black pot as the robust spiced aroma filled the air. She scurried to the brew and stirred it with her enormous wooden spoon. She gave a snorting giggle as she thought about how delicious the result of her recipe would be.

She checked off the ingredients to make sure she had included everything, from eye-of-newt to cinnamon sticks. Confused as to how she had come about the recipe, she picked up the wrinkled piece of notebook paper. She found it difficult to examine the paper with her long black nails, which for a moment distracted her as well.

The spewing noise of the pot boiling over made her snap out of her trance. She turned down the fire and continued stirring. Then began the task of dipping candy and fruit into what would become a delectable coating. When she was nearly finished, a knock came at the door.

Half put off by having to stop her duties and half hoping she had already drawn a child to her playhouse, she wiped her hands on her dress and went to answer the door.

In her doorway, stood an average-sized man in his late twenties. He seemed familiar in an odd sort of way. It was his smile at first; thin yet reassuring. And then, disturbingly, his blueberry eyes were precise mirrors of the eyes she had gazed into moments earlier.

“Hey sis,” he said. “How you doing?”

She shook her head. Of course, he was her brother. Why couldn’t she remember his name? “What are you doing here?”

“In the neighborhood. Can I come in?”

“I’m in the middle of something. Maybe next week.”

“This can’t wait,” he said, giving a fierce I’m-not-going-anywhere stare.

“Fine,” she said.

“Love what you’ve done with the place,” he said as he stepped inside. “Planning on starting a daycare?” He walked slowly to the couch and sat down amongst the teddy bears. “Look,” he said, suddenly serious. “I’m worried about you. Your apartment with all the toys and food. Does it remind you of something? Look at you.”

She then smoothed her black dress. There were a lot of cupcakes and candy on the coffee table. Why was she cooking more sweets?

“Your friends—”

“I don’t have any friends,” she corrected.

“Well then, your former friends are concerned about you. That, and your landlord has called me countless times to tell me that you haven’t answered any of his calls about the carnival smells and noises coming from your apartment at all hours of the night.”

“If that is all, I have things to do.”

“No, that’s not all. We need to go for a drive.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’ll never bother you again, if that is what you want, but you must come with me—right this second.”


She stared out the window as they drove out of the city and into the countryside. She had no idea where he could be taking her. However, the further they drove, the more recognizable he became, but not enough for her to want to strike up a conversation.

Finally, they slowed and pulled over to the side of the road.

“We’re here,” he said flatly.

“Where?” she asked, looking at the dense woods that surrounded them. Her mind was trying to predict the outcome of her getting out of the car when he said, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Like you could,” she said and stepped out of the car.

She followed him into the forest, pulling her long dress from sticky bushes and climbing over thick vines and fallen limbs, until finally they stood in a clearing.

“Do you remember any of this?”

“The forest?” She was becoming increasingly annoyed but glanced around anyway. The marshmallow clouds glided away from the sun, letting it filter through the trees. A chill of nauseating recollection embraced her. For there, iced in the sunlight, white stone stairs led down the side of an embankment. She could just make out the wooden bridge at the end of them that was almost hidden in the shadows of the trees.

She said, “Take me home.”

“I didn’t want to bring you back here. I was hoping you would get better on your own or that you would talk to me … or to someone. But now I see it’s different than what I’m going through. It’s more. You need to remember so we must go down the stairs. I’ll hold your hand.”

She wasn’t about to let him hold her hand, so she hurried on ahead, down the stairs.

When she made it to the last step, she stopped. Images of childhood began to emerge.

She was running … being chased by him, her brother.

Her father’s smiling face.

But Mother said … kill them.

The house, the witch, the fire.

She closed her eyes as her body began to tremble.

“You remember,” he whispered.

She did: They had held hands as they walked down the stairs, leaving breadcrumbs behind. She felt the tears of the memories run down her cheeks.

“Do you want to go further?” he asked.

There was no way she was going to be able to cross the bridge to that house. That house made of sweets … made of horror.

“I had to bring you here, Gretel. You’re turning into her. She must have cast a spell.”

It was true, she was preparing to poison and then eat the boys, but the girls … they were to become like her. Witches.

Gretel knew the incantation.

She looked at Hansel, who she now remembered from beginning to end. “Thank you,” she said. “I’ll end the cycle.” She took a couple of steps onto the bridge. Knowing very well she would forget who she was as soon as they left—she jumped.

The End

Blueberry Eyes was inspired by Hansel and Gretel from Children’s and Household Tales. Brothers Grimm, Germany: 1812. Which in turn, inspired my serialized story, Potion, now available on Amazon’s Kindle Vella.

“Mrs.” Poem inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk

Hero or actually the villain? Have you ever wondered what the giant’s wife thought after helping Jack and then Jack killed her husband? The following is my poem inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk. (Mrs. is one of the poems from my collection: Supernatural Fairy Tales.)

Mrs. by Dorlana Vann

Poverty breeds greed in a weak soul.

I should have stomped the lad like a pest.

Does hunger justify wickedness?

He was just a boy, not a foul troll.

But now sorrow arrived and grief grows.

No one to cook for or to caress.

Poverty breeds greed in a weak soul.

I should have stomped the lad like a pest.

Husband was cruel, a tyrant, and bold.

But we lived far away from the rest.

In the clouds we made our tranquil nest.

Defending his goods, his only goal.

Poverty breeds greed in a weak soul.

MRS. was inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk by Andrew Lang, The Red Fairy Book. London:1895

Bashful – Poem inspired by Snow White

Image: Snow White in her coffin, Theodor Hosemann, 1852

Bashful was inspired by Walt Disney’s film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (1937)


When I saw her stretched across the tidy beds,

love’s potent sword struck my heart before I knew

who this lovely stranger was or one word said.

But I remained silent, as I always do.

With one bite, she fell ill on that dreadful day.

In a glass coffin, it hurt to see her lay.

I longed to kiss her ruby lips but froze.

Joy but regret: the prince woke her and betrothed.

Bashful was inspired by Walt Disney’s film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (1937)

Episodes of “Potion” coming to Kindle Vella

Amazon will be launching Kindle Vella in July 2021. Readers will be able to read and pay for episodes as they go. (First 3 episodes of each story are FREE). I have already uploaded a few episodes of my young adult fairy tale inspired urban fantasy, POTION. I am excited (and a little scared lol) about this new adventure! Stay tuned for updates.

Potion by Dorlana Vann

Hansel and Gretel survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


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