Thirteen Pages from The Malleus Maleficarum: The Hammer of Witches has been Added to the Potion.

Hi friends,

There are actually two more episodes (39 & 40) available on my Kindle Vella Series, Potion: A Witchy Fairy Tale Reimagined.

I have a new easy way to find it. Just go to:

Episodes 1-3 are free, and if you haven’t used them yet, Amazon is giving away 200 free tokens to each Amazon account. And BTW – that will get you all the way to episode 22 of my story – or you can use them on any series. There are a lot of good ones.

Tokens are located at the top right of any of the Amazon Vella pages – It will say something like, Get your free tokens. I don’t remember exactly because it’s been a while lol.

If you are new to Potion, here is what is all about:

Lucas and Melrose survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens’ dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, there may be no escape.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


#witchesbebitches #FairytaleRetelling #kindlevella

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