Two Teaspoons of Ground Mummy Bones has been added to the Potion.

Hi friends,

I’m so excited to get to this part of the story. There has been previous surprises, but episode 30 has a huge and fun reveal that I hope you will get a kick out of. My fairy tale retellings shouldn’t be taken as 100 % serious. lol They are meant to be fun and little quirky, and hopefully that comes through as you read. Every time I upload an episode, I get nervous and this time I’m really excited to see if this was worth the wait. So yay, here are some links to get to the episodes. There are actually two more ready to read after this one.

If you haven’t started the series, you can start at the beginning here: Episodes 1-3 are free to read.

Episode 1: Eight Sprigs of Thyme.

Here are the most recent adds:

Episode 30: Two Teaspoons of Ground Mummy Bones

Episode 31: Five Tablespoons Black Treacle

Episode 32: Five Dozen Forget-Me-Nots


Don’t forget about the $50.00 Amazon eGift Card giveaway that is ongoing until Nov 30, 2021. The giveaway highlights the fairy tale series. And I think it’s a win-win, you can read the first three episodes for free and also have the chance to win some money for more books.

FYI, there hasn’t been very many entries, so right now your odds of winning are ridiculous! Go here for Giveaway information.


Lovc, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


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