Sleeping Beauty, a Potion Ingredient, and a Poem

Since my next episode is titled, Twenty-Five Thorns from a Sweet Briar Rose Shrub, I thought it was the perfect time to revisit the fairy tale, The Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) by Brothers Grimm, from which it was inspired.

Through a series of events, Briar Rose was cursed to sleep for one hundred years. She pricks her finger and falls asleep on her 15th birthday: “But round about the castle there began to grow a hedge of thorns.” Over the years, kings’ sons would come to try and rescue the princess, however, “They found it impossible, for the thorns held fast together as if they had hands, and the youths were caught … and died a miserable death.” So not only was it a city at rest, it was surrounded with a hundred years of dead bodies …

It wasn’t until the one hundred years was over, and a king’s son went the castle and the briar bush let him through just because the curse’s sentence had been paid. He went up to the tower, and sure, he gave Sleeping Beauty a kiss, and she woke up; however, it was time for her to wake-up anyway. Bubbles bursting everywhere, but truth is, the prince was just in the right place at the right time.

This brings me to Episode 29’s name, Twenty-Five Thorns from a Sweet Briar Rose Shrub, from my series, Potion, which was inspired by Grimm’s version the fairy tale. In the episode, there’s no kissing, there is no castle, no dead bodies, but there is a lot of magic, deadly foliage, and the attempt to rescue a “princess.”

If you haven’t had a chance to start the Kindle Vella series, Potion: a witchy fairy tale reimagined, you can go read the first three episodes now for free! Click Here!

If you are all caught up, and want to go straight to episode 29 – Click Here!

Also, here is my Sleeping Beauty poem, Destiny – which has the kiss we all expect.


A bequeathed curse placed upon a kingdom.

A century of thorns and valiant deaths.

A beautiful rose dreams of love’s freedom.

Without a mere glimpse he pursues his quest.

Fate leads the way and parts the tangled briar.

Gently he walks through a city at rest.

Destiny sleeps deep in a dark tower.

One second to see, one second to yearn.

Love’s sweet ache impels a kiss of power.

When their lips touch the intense passion burns.

The clouds move away to reveal the sun.

Happily ever after, soon they’d learn.

After a hundred years, all has undo ne.

A bequeathed curse lifted from a kingdom.

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