Tarot, Bros Grimm, and The Wand of a Fairy Godmother

I did some fun research this week for Potion, which led to the title, The Wand of a Fairy Godmother. Let me start by saying, I’m not a tarot expert, I’m still learning and rely on source material, definitions, and research for interpretation.

In episode 28, Star decides to burn the remainder of her tarot deck to release any negative energy because another character, Lucas, destroyed one of her cards making the deck useless.

I wanted to name at least three tarot cards for the scene. As you can see from my picture on the left, I shuffled and drew The Hierophant, The Eight of Wands, and The Queen of Wands.

I found the cards interesting because earlier in the series, episode 3, the card Lucas had burned was The Five of Wands, which I had randomly drawn. (I was pleased because the meaning of the card went with the episode.) Now I had three cards from The Suit of Wands. And this suit is connected to the element of fire. And The Hierophant card represents universal support. I love it when things like this web together.

I also like to make sure my potion ingredients/titles represent the episode, and when I can also include a fairy tale reference, it makes me happy. In episode 28, there is also fairy dust. So, I had fairies, and I had wands …

No hating on Disney, but I also try to stay true to the original fairy tales. That’s where my Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales book comes in. My question was, is there a fairy Godmother in Grimm’s 1812 version of Cinderella? The answer is, no: “Then the bird threw a gold and silver dress down to her, and slippers embroidered with silk and silver.”

However, I found that the earlier version written by Charles Perrault in 1697 did. Therefore, my ingredient: The Wand of a Fairy Godmother was added to the potion.

If you are all caught up on Potion: a witchy fairy tale reimagined Kindle Vella series you can go straight to episode 28 here.

If you are new to the series and would like to check it out, start here (read 1-3 for free)  

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,


Potion by Dorlana Vann

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