A Big Toe of a Stepsister has been added to the Potion

Hi Friends,

Episode 26 (A Big Toe of a Stepsister) of my series Potion: a witchy fairy tale reimagined is now live on Amazon’s kindle Vella. Hold onto your broomstick because all the setup is about to payoff. This episode starts the beginning of lots of upcoming reveals. I really hope you have enjoyed the story so far, and I appreciate the thumbs up and the crowns so much – they let me know you are with me and cheering on the story.



If you haven’t had a chance to start the story, click on this link to see what’s brewing: Potion

Episodes 1-3 are free and if you are a new kindle Vella reader, you get 200 Free tokens to get you started. My episodes cost between 6 and 19 tokens each for episodes 4-26, and there is no obligation – you pay as you go. You can stop reading any of the Kindle Vella stories whenever.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales ,

Dorlana 🙂

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