Midsummer Nights Dream + Witches = Dream Spell Poem

Dream Spell was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. England: 1595/96

And since it has a play inside the play – I wrote a poem inside a poem.

Dream Spell by Dorlana Vann

She never knew where she’d go when she closed her eyes.

Her deep dreams bewitched, and her sleeping soul stolen.

Always to follow her love through tomorrow’s skies. 

Cursed by her own craft, ties deliberately woven.

“I place this herb where I have cried

Hopes of waking beside a new lover.

For now and eternity we’ll be tied

His true love for me he’ll soon discover.

Neither time nor distance will love divide.

His heart will never beat for another.

Now sleep please find me before the new dawn

From which a charmed passion will truly spawn.”

The enchantment’s promise laced in bitter-sweet lies.

He loved her before they met and days gone golden.

Now they’re in yesterday’s forest, sweetly embraced.

But when he wakes, memory of love is erased.

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