New Release Update: The Trouble with Snowmen

Hi Friends,

The Trouble with Snowmen by Dorlana VannIf all goes as scheduled, my romantic Comedy The Trouble with Snowmen will be released on August 26, 2015. It will go on presale mid-August.

In celebration, I am working on a fun giveaway that will start in September with Studio3b and Vann Ink. There will be some unique, signature prizes that I can’t wait to share.

In the meantime, please join my mailing list and I will email you when any of my books from the upcoming series (Trouble with Men) are available. This will also put you in a drawing for a signed paperback copy of The Trouble with Snowmen when it is available.

Love and Laughter,



  1. Congrats Dorlana. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. How exciting, I will be sure to purchase a copy

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    • Thanks Lindsey! (Some how I missed this comment – it was waiting to be approved – I’m sorry about that.) Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. Dorlana..the hammies would love to have you to THEIR blog. IF you want to agree AND you must do some kind of 6 line post , please let me know x

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    • Sounds like fun! Email me the details when you get a chance. Dorlana (dot).vann (at) gmail (dot) com

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  4. will do Right now x

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