Spring For Love Blog Hop and Giveaway – Featuring Author Densie Webb

spring for love blog hopHi friends,

Welcome to the 3rd and final day of Spring for Love blog hop and giveaway. Make sure to check out the giveaway for a chance to win lots of awesome gifts, including 50 bucks to Amazon! On this last day, I thought I would share what I love about spring. I think it’s the best time of year to sit outside, eat, socialize, and have a margarita!

My guest today is author Densie Webb. Densie has spent a long career as a freelance nonfiction writer and editor, specializing in health and nutrition, and has published several books and tons of articles on the topic over the years. She grew up in Louisiana, spent 13 years in New York, and settled in Austin, TX, where it’s summer nine months out of the year. She is an avid walker (not of the dead variety, though she loves anything to do with zombies, vampires or post-apocalyptic worlds), drinks too much coffee and has a small “devil dog” that keeps her on her toes. She has arrested development in musical tastes and her two children provide her with musical recommendations on a regular basis.

What does Densie like about spring? “I Love spring because it’s almost summer!”

Her Novel You’ll be thinking of me is available at Amazon

Densie Webb - You'll Be Thinking of Me

A chance encounter with a celebrity, an impromptu video of an innocent kiss and a shiny new espresso machine. It all added up to a juicy tale for 24-year old Rachael Allen to share. But when her best friend posts the video online, bizarre threats from an obsessed fan follow close behind. Mick Sullivan, the star in her video, offers to help and in the process, Rachael discovers that despite his reputation as a player of Olympian caliber, he’s down-to-earth—and emotionally damaged. Despite wildly divergent life paths, their shared southern upbringing and a passion for good music create a common thread that draws them to one another. As the threats escalate, and their relationship deepens, Rachael struggles to accept Mick’s past and ultimately decide if being with Mick Sullivan is worth the collateral damage.


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