Sonnet to Old Man Winter

My inspiration for this poem was the Russian fairy tale Morozko (Old Man Winter). This was my first and only attempt at a Sonnet. (June 2007)

snowSonnet to Old Man Winter
Dorlana Vann

You’re a vision in white; lightly sun-kissed.
Your touch can be soft and your rhythm slow.
You take my breath away with your crispness.
Your name echoes with the breeze, Morozko.

I met you in the bitter woods that day.
Your trick question I answered with the truth.
Please tell me, what was I suppose to say?
To blatantly lie would have been uncouth.

Your mood changes from slightly cool to harsh.
Your nature is biting; naturally cruel.
Your icy winds went straight through my cold heart.
You gave me chilling death, my sister jewels.

Respect Old Man Winter, father would say.
I’ll pay my respects…in the month of May.

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