Supernatural Fairy Tales ebook is Free This Week

Hi Friends,

Supernatural Fairy Tales

Supernatural Fairy Tales by Dorlana Vann

Just wanted to let y’all know that my fairy tale inspired paranormal short story collection will be free all week. Go grab a copy over at Amazon (worldwide). Here is a little as to what you will find:

There are 9 short stories, which were inspired by classic fairy tales – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Rumpelstilzchen, The Little Mermaid and more. These short stories are not retellings of the original tales but were inspired by them. They are paranormal themed stories about vampires, ghosts, mermaids, witches, etc., in genres ranging from romance to thriller. And fair warning: they don’t always have a happy ending.

Supernatural Fairy Tales – a collection of paranormal short stories by Dorlana Vann

Amazon (Kindle)
 Amazon.Co.UK (Kindle) (Kindle)

The Cover:

The cover is by the creative team of Liz Shipe & Perry Heideman of Reconstructing Grimm . Art director, Liz Shipe, and photographer, Perry Heideman, along with many volunteers, recreate fairy tale scenes in urban settings. They do amazing work and have produced scenes from Snow White, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, Wizard of Oz, and more.

 The collection:

Fairy tale inspired paranormal short stories. fairy tale + paranormal element = supernatural fairy tale.

Below are all the titles with the story inspirations.

If You Feed a Wolf – Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This is one of my favorites because it was experimental. I just let myself be free to write without a real plan. As far as what I took from the original story: it reminded me of how I feel in dreams – so some of the things that happen in this story are taken from my actual dream journal.

The Vampire’s New Suit – Inspired by The Emperor’s New Clothes. I just like this one because it’s fun.

Blueberry Eyes – One of my very first supernatural fairy tales. I’m not going to say which fairy tale this one was inspired by because it would give away the ending.

The Gift – Inspired by The Ghost of Christmas Past from “A Christmas Carol.” This one was one of my favorites because I wrote the entire story backwards – line by line – It was my daughter’s idea to write it that way because I was stuck. I also like it because it is my first and only western – and it has a touch of steampunk and ghosts.

If it weren’t for Bad Luck – Inspired by Rumpelstilzchen. You see, I have this theory about luck..
Muse – (Also published in The Inferno under the title What You Know.) Inspired by Prince Ariel from “The Fairy Tales of Madame D’Aulnoy.” I had to do a lot of research on birds for this one. One of my darker pieces, but I like it.
His Soul Inspiration – (Originally published in Enchanted Conversation ) Inspired by The Little Mermaid, this is my last supernatural fairy tale short… to date.

Quiet on the Nightingale  (Also published in AllRomance eBooks Newsletter)  Inspired by Jorinda and Joringel.  A little sexy but mostly fun.

Forbidden Beach (Also published in Silverthorn Press) Inspired by Thumbelina, this short story is probably the truest to the fantasy genre of my stories and also the creepiest.

I hope you enjoy them.
Love and Laughter,
Dorlana 🙂

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