It’s not always about you, Princess

Hi Friends,

So today I thought I would tell you about other people’s work. BTW – The title of the post was overheard in conversation and is now part of my work-in-progress. I think it’s hilarious. (It is true that what you say around me might end up in a book – or on my blog lol) : Handcrafted pens and gifts – Can you believe that I’m a writer who is actually married to a pen maker! That’s right, my husband, Don Vann turns pens using exotic woods and custom acrylics and lot of other material.  One of my writer friends had a custom pen made to match her book colors. Don also used logos, names, etc. to personalize pens. Christmas is coming up and these pens make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts. Sinfully Delicious Wick’d Potion Perfumes and Perfume Jewelry – Wick’d JFay of Studio3b is ready for Halloween. Stop by her online store, if you dare, and visit the Bloody Bordello of Vampire Perfumes, the Dark Fairy-Tale Line, and the Haunted GothicPage. Attention authors: she also creates custom blends to match your projects. BTW – Wick’d JFay is my sister.

UnHappily Ever After : Tales with a twist – writer Tammy Kane emailed me the other day about her photo/storybook, “Unhappily Ever After”, which she is publishing soon. You know me, I really appreciate unique and creative spins on fairy tales. You can stop by and “like” her page to keep up to date on this project.

Okay, so that is all I have for today that is not about me. I would love to make this a monthly post about creative people. If you would like for me to mention you and/or your project on one of my “It’s not always about you, Princess,” post, email: dorlanasfairytales at

Love and Laughter,


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