Move Over Story #1

Hi friends,

A few weeks ago, wham! an idea for a romantic comedy hit me, and I couldn’t ignore it. I had to start writing it right then.

There are several reasons why this is odd for me:

  • I usually have to be actively searching for a story idea – especially my supernatural fairy tales because I purposely pick a fairy tale plus a supernatural element and start from there.
  • This romantic comedy is not paranormal. What? That’s right – it is just a straight-out romance.
  • I’m already in the middle of working on a YA fairy tale inspired supernatural novel. And I don’t want to stop working on it.

At first, I asked anyone who would listen which book I should write, and after much debate I decided on both. It has only been a couple of weeks, but so far I like writing the two books at once. If I get stuck on one, I work on the other. Sometimes I do feel guilty for favoring one more than the other. I’m thinking of trying a schedule so they will both get equal time. We shall see how that goes.

Here’s where I’m at with both of them right now:

YA:  Rough draft complete (from 2 years ago) and have worked back through 10,000 words.

Romantic Comedy: 4,500 words into rough draft.

By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have the YA finished and the romantic comedy’s rough draft complete. Wish me luck!

Love and Laughter,


Image credit: binkski / 123RF Stock Photo


  1. You know that I wish you luck. I’m also confident you will be successful.


  2. Thank you very much!


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