This week’s Friday Freebie: Passage to Queen Mesentia

Passage to Queen Mesentia

Passage to Queen Mesentia by Dorlana Vann

I’m thrilled to be giving away my supernatural mystery, Passage to Queen Mesentia. It’s actually my favorite out of all my stories. It was the first book where I used my state of Texas as the setting and was able to embrace Texas slang in the dialogue instead of having to watch out for it. 🙂 I’m a huge ancient Egypt fan, so it was a lot fun to travel back to that era through the eyes of the tormented immortal character, Ben, and then on a treasure hunt to modern day (2005) Egypt with a “princess” and a “cowboy.”

Since writing the rough draft in 2006, this novella has gone through a lot of changes. When Jaclyn’s Ghost was accepted by Tease Publisher LLC (2008) for their Dark Tarot series they ended up accepting Passage to Queen Mesentia (then titled Passage to Mesentia – and before that, Isabella’s Dark Knight) to include in my now out-of-print novel, Death. (Tarot meaning: Transformation, Passage, Change) To me, it was just kind of the flip side of a record. (Showing my age here). It was missing something for it to be a stand-alone story.

So when I received my rights back (2010) I decided to give it a major rewrite – I even ended up changing the main character’s name from Isabella/Bella which had been popularized by this other novel. (Bet you can guess which one.)  I started researching and writing and ended up with another 5,000 words or so. I also took another look at the main characters’ motivations and goals. This is also the second cover –third if you count Death. I’m proud of how this story has developed, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You can check out Passage to Queen Mesentia Page for synopsis and chapter 1.

If you get a chance, go grab your free Kindle copy, Friday April 27, 2012. And I would love to hear what you think.

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Love and Laughter,

Dorlana 🙂

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