Video: Dean talks about children’s book, “Ninja vs Pirates”

So I’ve posted a few times about my upcoming children’s book, Ninja vs Pirates, which I wrote for my 8-year-old son, Dean.  The following is an excerpt from the acknowledgement page in the book that I think explains this project best:

I would like to thank my smart and witty, 8-year-old son, Dean. If he hadn’t requested this book, I wouldn’t have thought about writing a story about ninja and pirates with jokes and poop. It became an awesome project that I was able to share with him; Dean modeled for the cover and for PART I pictures (all of the costumes are his), he illustrated PART II and the map of Ninja Jolly Island at the beginning, he was my expert advisor on all things little boy, and critiqued the manuscript from draft 1 to the cover design. So thank you Dean for being such an awesome story buddy.

I asked Dean if he would like to do a video about the book and show a couple of his pictures.  He loved the idea, so we wrote down a couple of speaking points, and I said action, and he did the rest.  (He is such a natural and I’m such a proud mom:). Here is the video…

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