Book Cover: Ninja vs Pirates

Hi Friends,I have finished the cover for my upcoming (May 2012) children’s book , Ninja vs. Pirates, and wanted to share.

The first cover I made Dean had said it needed a little more color with an added:  “I can’t even look at it!” as he shielded his eyes away from the computer. Since this book is for him, I went back to work on it.  With his approval, this one is good to go – lol.

Ninja vs Pirates

Here is the (work-in-progress) synopsis:

 Twin brothers, Riley and Richard, disagree about everything, especially who are the better warriors, ninja or pirates. They agree to listen to one another’s stories about how their island, Ninja Jolly Island, was discovered. Riley dramatically acts out his tale, and Richard draws pictures to get his point across. Mom finally tries to settle the dispute by getting out the history books. But will they ever agree? Or will it always be ninja vs. pirates.

For all ages (especially 8-year-old boys).

Dorlana’s 8-year-old son, Dean, wanted his mom to write a book for him; one with pirates, ninja, and jokes.  Soon, the project became a partnership. Dean is the model, illustrator of PART II, and expert advisor on all things little boy.  

If this is the first you have heard about my current writing project and would like more info,  you can read more about it here .

Love and Laughter,

Dorlana 🙂


  1. jovialvampyre

    How wonderful – Congratulations!


  2. Thank you!


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