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Potion – Chapter 1 ( Fairy Tale Inspired YA paranormal)

Hansel and Gretel’s Story has just begun … and it’s no fairy tale Chapter 1 Eight Sprigs of Thyme   May 25, 2012 Lucas Jaeger didn’t dwell on the past, but sometimes sights and sounds or even smells triggered the willies that crept up his back. Like now. He took a breath, trying to analyze …

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New Fairy Tale Inspired YA Novel!

POTION  Hansel and Gretel’s story has just begun … and it’s no fairy tale. It’s been eight years since the wicked witch held Hansel Lucas Jaeger and his sister captive; they barely escaped with their lives. Now, a senior in high school, Lucas finally feels normal. But everything changes the day he sees his awkward, …

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Midsummer Nights Dream + Witches = Dream Spell Poem

Dream Spell by Dorlana Vann (Inspired by Midsummer Nights Dream)   She never knew where she’d go when she closed her eyes Her deep dreams bewitched, and her sleeping soul stolen Always to follow her love through tomorrow’s skies Cursed by her own craft, ties deliberately woven.   “I place this herb where I have …

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