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Muse: Paranormal Thriller (flash fiction) Inspired by the Fairy Tale, Prince Ariel

Muse by Dorlana Vann   Since Jackson couldn’t channel his frustration onto the blank page, he used his fist to pound it into the desk. “Ahhh,” he cried, swooshing his fountain pen and several loose pieces of writing-paper to the floor. His caged birds squawked with excitement from the sudden movement. Jackson stood up, his …

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Boovies book and movie club’s Review for February 2017: Before I go to Sleep

February’s Book and Movie Review Theme: Looking Back Book/Movie Club Set Up: Each member of our group (women ages 24-48) draws a month and a genre/theme. Whosever month it is, gets to choose a book and movie in their category. (They do not have to be one in the same.) The group has approximately 3 weeks …

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