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The Trouble with Snowmen – Read Chapter 1

The Trouble with Snowmen By Dorlana Vann Chapter 1 “I had him pegged as a snowman the moment I met him,” Regina said. “It was only a matter of time before he melted.” “What are you talking about?” Haley Monroe appreciated Regina, the owner of the four-apartment multiplex they lived in, for jumping out of …

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Chapter 1 – The Trouble with Scarecrows

The Trouble with Scarecrows  is the second book in the Trouble with Men series – However, the books are stand-alone & can be read in any order. Chapter 1   Brenda Fisher hesitated at the door of the multiplex as if she stood at the entrance to hell. The long corridor was faintly lit by electric candelabras …

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The Trouble with Snowmen is available in Paperback

Looky Looky Paperback —-> I’m thrilled to announce that my romantic comedy, The Trouble with Snowmen, is now available in paperback. This is the first book in my Trouble with Men series, which has fun, new dating terms and concepts, outrageous shenanigans, a touch of magical realism, twists and turns, broken hearts, chemistry, fashion, seduction, food, …

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