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The Princes of Tangleforest Chapter 1

How do you change Frogs Nerds into Princes the popular kids ? The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann (Fairy Tale inspired Young Adult) The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann  Chapter 1 Although the girly-girl-filled lunch table buzzed with excitement over the cute new guy with the mess of blond waves, Julia Webster tried to ignore …

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The Retelling of a Fairy Tale (Dorlana Style)

Hi Friends, I’ve been using fairy tales to inspire my paranormal short stories and novels for many years. Instead of a straight retelling of the classic tales, I love using them as a stimulus by borrowing elements, capturing the mood, or using them as a backstory, etc., to write contemporary interpretations. Sometimes I even use …

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