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Rapunzel Inspired Paranormal Short Story

Poppi by Dorlana Vann The hillside mansion was huge, old, and cold and spotless. As soon as Riley stepped inside his childhood home, he felt uneasy. Even though he’d visited many times since he had lived there, it seemed different now, even more eerie than when Mother Gothel was alive. Lola, his ex-wife, walked in …

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Free: Supernatural Fairy Tales

Free Kindle download of Supernatural Fairy Tales today through March 25, 2017. Supernatural Fairy Tales is my collection of 9 paranormal short stories all inspired by fairy tales. If You Feed a Wolf – Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Vampire’s New Suit – The Emperor’s New Clothes … but with Vampires. Blueberry Eyes – …

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Fairy Tale Inspired Short Story: Muse by Dorlana Vann

Muse by Dorlana Vann Since Jackson couldn’t channel his frustration onto the blank page, he used his fist to pound it into the desk. “Ahhh,” he cried, swooshing his fountain pen and several loose pieces of writing-paper to the floor. His caged birds squawked with excitement from the sudden movement in the quiet room. Feathers …

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