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Second Draft: relax and write

After printing, reading, and making notes, I’m officially on my second draft of my contemporary romance. I’m not going to worry so much with grammar and line-edits yet – that’s next draft –  but below are some of the things I found I need to fix. Characterization – This is the biggy. I have backgrounds to …

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The Third Draft is an Empty Tube of Toothpaste!

I finished the dreaded rough draft of my romantic comedy November 8th. I enjoyed writing the second draft, even going all poetic about it and blogging with sentences like, “I’m dancing with my characters or something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah … all free flowing toothpaste. When I finished the second draft on December 6th, …

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The Second Draft is Country Music

I don’t like writing rough drafts. I’m not really sure why. I think it might be all the frustration. Facing the blank page is intimating, no matter how many times I’ve been there. I know that frustration is unavoidable, and even necessary, if you want unique characters and plot. But that is all behind me …

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