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“The Trouble with Scarecrows” is on Reading Alley

My contemporary romance, The Trouble with Scarecrows, is available to download and review on Reading Alley until June 24, 2017. Reading Alley is a review site that not only gives members free books to download but you can also gain points towards rewards for honest reviews. The Trouble with Scarecrows is a Romantic Comedy all about food, …

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True Story – October’s Book and Movie Get-together

True Story Novel: (2006) Written by Michael Finkel Movie: (2015) Directed by Rupert Goold Screenplay by Rupert Goold and David Kajganich The set up: Five of us (women ages 22-48) pick a book that has been made into a movie. We read the book and then get together for thematic food, to discuss the book, …

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