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Fairy Tale Inspired Poem: Ugly

Ugly By Dorlana Vann Mask of various natures I have worn. It’s different than the day I was born. A senseless mistake was made on my part. Now I exist in shadows and the dark. My castle walls hide my grief and despair. Servants, my companions, also prepare. I find beauty in all except me. …

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Fairy Tale Inspired Poem

Can you guess the fairy tale? Destiny By Dorlana Vann A bequeathed curse placed upon a kingdom. A century of thorns and valiant deaths. A beautiful rose dreams of love’s freedom. Without a mere glimpse he pursues his quest. Fate leads the way and parts the tangled briar. Gently he walks through a city at …

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Cinderella Inspired Poem

Dear Cinderella by Dorlana Vann Dear Mom, Cinders on your face and hands, so you said. Instead of supper you were sent to bed. No one to play with—No huge castle walls. Dined on the cold floor like one of the dogs. Everyday I must hear your sad stories. Really mother, they are getting boring. …

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