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Rough Draft Diary Entry #3

June 15 – June 21 Not a lot of words written last week – but I feel I needed this time to get my thoughts together. So you can guess what my goal is for this week – type, type, type … Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 779 When I opened …

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Free Fairy Tale Inspired YA by Dorlana Vann

Inspired by the classic fairy tale Rapunzel and sprinkled with the question: What if the school’s misfits discovered a way to use mind control in order to become the popular group? The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann (Fairy Tale inspired Young Adult ages 13+) Skater and reformed geek, Tanner Dobbs, soon learns that his …

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The Little Mermaid Inspired Short Story

Originally published in Enchanted Conversation Inspired by The Little Mermaid Excerpt from Supernatural Fairy Tales – eBook now available on Nook!  His Soul Inspiration by Dorlana Vann “Have you read this?” My husband, Philip, held the book of fairy tales I had bought from a used bookstore for my niece’s ninth birthday. “Well, not that one, …

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