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Five Hundred Eight Ounces of Red Wine Parboiled with a Devil’s Bit Root has been added to the Potion.

Hi Friends, We are now up to episode 27 where Lucas’ mom tells him a secret about his dad who disappeared years earlier. If you haven’t had a chance to start the Kindle Vella series, clicking here will take you directly to Episode 1: Eight Sprigs of Thyme. BTW, each episode title is an ingredient …

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Half of the ingredients have been added to the Potion.

Hi friends, My serialized story, POTION: a witchy fairy tale reimagined, is now at the halfway point. My girls (Marilyn, Snow white, and Wonder Woman) helped me with the final edits of Episode 25: Two ounces of Five-Day Old Confusion Powder, which is now live. I plan on publishing 25 more episodes over the next …

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