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The Frog Prince + Merlin the Magician = Weeping Lake (a fairy tale inspired short story)

Weeping Lake by Dorlana Vann Vivian stood beside of the lake. Her bright hair waved like the water as the wind graciously blew in from the south. She inhaled and then looked down at her newly acquired engagement ring. She had said yes, but she knew that wasn’t what she meant. Everyone had been there, …

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Rumpelstilzchen Inspired Short Story

  If it Weren’t for Bad Luck by Dorlana Vann I walked through the front door a little after midnight. Jana sat on the couch in the darkness covered by the quilt from our bed, the images from the television flickered on her solemn face. “Oh, you’re up,” I said and gave her a kiss …

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Inspired Poem

  Bashful by Dorlana Vann When I saw her stretched across the tidy beds, love’s potent sword struck my heart before I knew who this lovely stranger was or one word said. But I remained silent, as I always do. With one bite, she fell ill on that dreadful day. In a glass coffin, it …

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