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Fairy Tale Inspired Poem

Fairy’s Sorrow by Dorlana Vann I’m sheltered from the rainBut still I feel the mist.It mixes with my painConfirming I exist. I’m covered by the leavesLiving amongst the trees.The more I see and learnThe more the world I yearn. Fairy’s Sorrow was inspired by The Dryad by Hans Christian Anderson Denmark:1868 It is one of …

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The Kingdom of Pillars: a Fairy Tale

The Kingdom of Pillars A fairy tale by Dorlana Vann   “I didn’t do anything!” “Do you want father’s wings to be taken off? Is that what you want? You march yourself right back there.” I stared at my sister, all blue and getting bluer by the minute. If we would’ve had this conversation a …

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