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Finding Myself … as a Writer

A few weeks ago, we were cleaning our storage room, and I found box after box of my writing stuff – some of it dated back twenty years, some of it was awful, and there were some beginnings without endings. But what I found more interesting was the variety of topics and genres I’d explored …

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I Like Vampires … well, I used to.

I like vampires, from Buffy to Bram Stoker’s Dracula . Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is my favorite series of all time.  And I am huge, huge Angel fan – this was before TiVo, and I never missed an episode.  So I guess you can say I’m an old school vamp fan. These days it seems …

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My thoughts on The Bad Girl & The Wolf Gift

I’m doing kind of a double book review here as well as a self analyses as a reader.  The two books,The Bad Girl: A Novelby Mario Vargas Llosa, and The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice, may seem like an unlikely duo. However, I reacted to both in the same way: I stopped reading them. I …

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