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No NaNoWriMo this time

Since I’m in the middle of writing a novel right now, I’m not going to be writing a draft for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). And even if I didn’t have a work-in-progress, I don’t think I’d write another book the NaNo way. I participated in my first Nanowrimo back in 2007 — The Princes of Tangleforest. …

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What’s in a (Character) Name?

I’m trying to find a name to fit my romantic comedy’s female main character. Right now I have a placement name of Lexi Dylan, but it doesn’t fit her well, and I think it may be a little too cliché.  To me, the names of my characters are just as important as any other aspect …

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Friday eBook Freebie: The Princes of Tangleforest

Hi Friends,  Today’s (March 16, 2012) Friday Free Kindle eBook  is  The Princes of Tangleforest – Follow this link: Free eBook.  Inspired by the classic fairy tale Rapunzel and sprinkled with the question: What if the school’s misfits discovered a way to use mind control in order to become the popular group? Skater and reformed geek, Tanner Dobbs, …

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