Let the Plotting Begin “BWA-HA-HA”

Dorlana Vann booksHi friends,

It feels like a million years since I’ve worked on anything new, so I decided to write the next book in my Hansel and Gretel series – If you follow my blog, then you know I uploaded the first book Potion to SwoonReads. To write a second book was a hard decision since Potion’s fate is still up in the air. But sometimes the pull towards one book is too strong to resist. That’s how it was for The potionbydorlanavann1Trouble with Snowmen. I usually write fairy tale inspired books, but that romantic comedy demanded to be written. And that’s how this second book is nagging me now.

What I’m most excited about is the plotting. A SwoonReads writer/reader had this to say about Potion: “I have to say, your use of foreshadowing and “Chekhov’s guns” were masterful. What’s really impressive is that I rarely saw were things were going or predicted how they would play out, despite your hints.”

This is probably the best compliment I could ever get because of how challenging it is to place just enough information in the story so that the reader can go back and go “Ohh” but not too much as to give away surprises. And to also have a reason and a purpose for everything in the story is also important. I say it’s challenging but plotting is tons of fun and so rewarding. And I’m pumped to start sitting around and thinking. Lol.

I have approximately 5,000 words so far and a long road ahead of me. In my mind right now I’m thinking, Scooby-gang meets Buffy but with witches and inspired by Beauty and the Beast. 😊 So we’ll see how that works out because we all know stories have a way of being what they want to be.

Love, Laughter, and Fairy Tales,



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