New Fairy Tale Inspired YA Novel!



 Hansel and Gretel’s story has just begun … and it’s no fairy tale.

It’s been eight years since the wicked witch held Hansel Lucas Jaeger and his sister captive; they barely escaped with their lives. Now, a senior in high school, Lucas finally feels normal.

But everything changes the day he sees his awkward, loner sister hanging out with Star, one of the popular girls at Tangleforest High. At first, he’s just confused, but when he sees the tarot cards between them, the dark time from his childhood erupts through his head in a concentrated instant … particularly the memory of the curse the witch cast on Melrose. Lucas warns Melrose to stay away from anything, or anyone, that might trigger the spell.

Sixteen-year-old Melrose Jaeger loves her adoptive family but is an outcast at school. When Star wants to be friends, Melrose begins to let her guard down. However, Lucas’ irrational fear of witchcraft is embarrassing. She ignores his warnings; all she wants is to forget the past and forget the curse and maybe, just maybe, fit in.

When Lucas decides to turn to an unreliable ally, more mysteries begin to unravel. But his sister has already been accepted by a new group of friends with a wicked reputation. Even if it means looking crazy in front of the entire school, Lucas desperately needs Melrose to see the danger he senses before it’s too late. But who should he trust? And how does he rescue someone who doesn’t want to be saved?


So – POTION isn’t exactly “published” yet, but you can read the entire book for free, now. I’m trying a new opportunity this time around. I have uploaded my manuscript to the social media reader’s choice platform Swoon Reads.

With Swoon Read, readers have a big say in which young adult books Macmillan Publishing publishes. Besides my book, there are over 700 other YA novels that you can read for free by signing up.

When you sign up, you get your own page where you can add your reading interest and earn badges for reading and commenting. You are like the agent/editor and you can read the “slush pile”, rate, and comment on outstanding stories and/or places that might need help because they haven’t been professionally edited yet. If a book gets enough attention, it might get chosen for publication! At the very least, you have helped the writer improve their story.

Of course, getting POTION published by Macmillan Publishing is my goal, so I would really appreciate readers, ratings, and comments. Here is the link:

Love and Laughter,



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