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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Last Chance to Get Silverweed for FREE

Werewolf,  Young Adult, Dark Fantasy inspired by Little Red Riding Hood This week’s FREE Kindle E-book is Silverweed: a Supernatural Fairy Tale. It will actually be free for two days, Saturday May 26, 2012 and Sunday May 27, 2012. It will still remain free for Amazon Prime Members to borrow until July 2012. And soon …

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Passage to Queen Mesentia kindle eBook is Free Friday

Travel back to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the tormented immortal,  Ben, and then on a treasure hunt to modern-day (2005) Egypt with a “princess” and a “cowboy.” Supernatural Egyptian Mystery: Passage to Queen Mesentia by Dorlana Vann Go download your free Kindle copy Friday May 18,2012 or Saturday May 19, 2012     Amazon U.S …

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Ninja vs Pirates is now available :)

Hi Friends, My new children’s book, Ninja vs Pirates is now available in paperback for $5.99 at   Are you Team Ninja or Team Pirate? Step into the hilarious imagination of Riley and Richard as they use clowns, ghosts, poop, and jokes to argue who are the better warriors—ninja or pirates? Riley dramatically acts out …

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Friday Free Kindle eBook: The Princes of Tangleforest

Hi Friends, Inspired by the classic fairy tale Rapunzel and sprinkled with the question: What if the school’s misfits discovered a way to use mind control in order to become the popular group? Today’s free Kindle eBook is, The Princes of Tanlgeforest. Skater and reformed geek, Tanner Dobbs, soon learns that his new school, Tangleforest …

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